CLIENT: ImmersaVu 320 - Northrop Grumman - August 2018

INDUSTRY: Aerospace & Defense

The Immersive Display team supplied a complete ImmersaVu 320 system complete with 4K visuals to Northrop Grumman.

CLIENT: ImmersaVu 320 - Visiting Media - USA - April 2018

INDUSTRY: Commercial

The Immersive Display team designed and manufactured a complete ImmersaVu 320 visual display solution for Visiting Media (USA).

CLIENT: 6m Hardshell Dome - Winston Churchill School - UK - February 2018

INDUSTRY: Education

Woking, Surrey (UK) was the Immersive Display team's next destination as they designed and installed a 6m Hardshell dome for the build of an Immersive planetarium at the Winston Churchill School.

CLIENT: 6m Hardshell Dome - Vitensenteret Innlandet Museum - Norway - December 2017

INDUSTRY: Education/Entertainment
The Immersive Display Team had travelled to Norway, ventured through countless inches of snow and had finally arrived at the Vitensenteret Innlandet Museum to install a 6m, backbreakingly large hardshell dome to later be used as a planetarium!

CLIENT: ImmersaWorld Inflatable Dome - UCAS - June 2017

INDUSTRY: Education & Training

Immersive Display Group supplied UCAS with a 9m dual pressure/walled inflatable ImmersaWorld dome.