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ImmersaSim 270

Current: Work in progress 2020
Introducing The new ImmersaSim 270 that provides a powerful yet portable display solution truly unique in the sim racing and flying sector. By offering an uninterrupted and distortion free view spanning 270 degrees horizontal.

18-Channel 6 Meter Dome

Current: Work in progress 2020
Immersive Display Group is currently working on (installation pending) an 18-channel 6 meter dome for use as a JTAC system.
18-Channel Projector Setup
18-Channel Projector Setup

6 Chanel Flight Simulator

News: November 2019
Immersive Display traveled to London, Canada to install a 6-channel, 4 Meter dome using edge-blending and warping software to feature alongside an authentic cockpit be used as a flight simulation system.


ImmersaVu 320 Installation

News: August 2019
Immersive Display traveled to Savines-Le-Lac in South Eastern France to install an ImmersaVu 320 system for a tourist information center.
France 1

New LASER Projector Technology

News: 25th February 2019
We are pleased to announce the availability of cutting-edge laser projectors as an option to complement our entire range of immersive domes and planetarium solutions.

These new projectors feature up to a 4K native output. This provides an extra 40% increase in the perceived resolution over our current projectors. They are super bright too, giving a 100% increase in brightness when required.

Greater image quality is not the only benefit of laser technology, the new projectors are more efficient and robust. With no lamp changes to contend with, they are practically maintenance free and most importantly, more reliable.
These new projectors feature up to a 4K native output. This provides an extra 40% increase in the perceived resolution over our current projectors. They are super bright too, giving a 100% increase in brightness when required.

Please follow the links below to see our new range.
ImmersaVu™ 200 Desktop and Freestanding System
ImmersaVu™ 320 Large Scale Display System
Dome & Planetarium Projection Systems


News: December 2018
Immersive Display (Uk) ltd selected by Northrop Grumman to provide the first two visual systems for a multi unit training solution for the US Department of Defense.


News: December 2018
News: November 2018

Immersive Display (Uk) ltd selected by the UK Division of a major US defense contractor to provide the first of a range of deployable JTAC simulators for a Middle East Armed force.


Immersive Display (UK) ltd selected by the US department of Defense to provide the visual display for a 6 x 4K channel JTAC system for the Belgian Army.

News: November 2017
18-Channel Projector Setup

BETT Education Show

News: 22 January 2016
Immersive Display worked in collaboration with The University of Essex to showcase collaborative distance learning opportunities at one of the largest education shows in the UK. Key decision makers made up the bulk of the well attended show held at the Excel center in London.

The show was an opportunity for schools and educational institutions to see what new technology is available to help develop curriculum outputs in a modern digital age. The ImmersaVu desktop was put to good use showcasing collaborative global robotics engineering. The concept was designed and developed by a extremely talented PHD student at the university (Anasol) who is now taking the developed idea and ImmersaVu with her to full time employment at the BT Innovation Centre.
The show was a great success with people surprised at the flexibility of the system as a learning tool. We received a great deal of interest from several high profile institutions and we look forward to moving forward in the education sector. Thanks to Essex University for their support at the show.
For further information about the show please click here to visit the Bett show website

SEA Defence Installation

News: 23 October 2015

The engineering team has just arrived back from our installation of an immersive military defence training and simulation system for our client SEA.
”DECKsim: 3D virtual environment for students of flight deck and land-based airfield operations.
DECKsim provides an immersive, high- fidelity, 3D virtual environment for students of flight deck and land-based airfield operations. Each DECKsim training session is easily configurable by an instructor to incorporate any desired combination of airfield and ship decks, aircraft, aircraft circuit waypoints and standard or emergency procedures.”

This installation showcases Immersive Displays latest GALAGO projection sub system, which offers upscaled high resolution, short throw 0.85:1 projection and a true night vision environment.

Close Air Solutions Media Coverage

News: 08 September 2015
We are really pleased and excited for our client Close Air Solutions on the recent press coverage of the innovative iCASS training system. Close Air Solutions purchased our ImmersaVu 300 dome, 6 projector set up and blending and warping tools for their JTAC training dome.
Close Air Solutions‘ first bid with us as supplier earned them a high profile first commission as co-founder Tom Ball explains – “We delivered a simulator to the UK MOD in under 4 months, and it received the highest accreditation to replace live missions as part of UK national training. In the past, big defence prime contracts can often be measured in years, 4 months is almost unheard of.” We like to think the combination of two small innovative companies has made this possible and we congratulate them on their achievement.
However we will allow ourselves a huge pat on the back for our role designing and installing the visuals because as Tom explains – “People literally lose themselves in the simulation. They lose their inhibitions, their sense of time, the outside world does not exist for them”

BT Innovation Showcase

News: 06 September 2015
The BT Innovation Show 2015 was a huge success. Visitors from a huge range of sectors and industries were able to access and try out a huge range of digital new and emerging technologies.

The showcase featured technology which will shape and change the way businesses manage data, networking, communications and security and how individuals manage power, services and their homes.

We were privileged to see some of the most advanced developments BT is working on and as always the ImmersaVu 300 stole the show with its huge immersive screen of information, data and video in the sector of Smarter Services and Operations.
”ImmersaVu 300 provided us with the framework to showcase our Future Field scenario. We were able to gain real-time insight into our field operations. The different elements of on-the-day resource scheduling and allocation were all visible on ImmersaVu — a key enabler for effective decision making in field operations.” – Gilbert Owusu / Head of Resource Management Technologies Research at BT

We are really pleased to have been selected for the showcase and look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with BT.

British Association of Planetaria

News: 02 September 2015
Immersive Display Group are sponsors of the annual BAP (British Association of Planetaria) 2015 conference.
The conference is set to take place on September 25th-27th 2015 and will include seminars, demonstrations and networking events.

Talks will be given by a range of speakers including delegates from across the industry and areas of research relating to Planetaria.
This year we are able to showcase both our indoor inflatable planetarium and our larger double skinned outdoor version.
We will also be joined by our re seller Neil Carrington (Science Dome) and together we will be completing demonstrations and giving talks about the success of our fully mobile planetarium package.

The BAP event is always well attended and enlightening and we look forward to putting on a great immersive planetarium show for its visitors.