ImmersaVu™ Desktop Dome

ImmersaVu™ Desktop and Freestanding System

The dome and projection hood are manufactured from glass fibre composite to create a robust and rigid assembly to provide excellent structural integrity and allow for a number of mounting options including wall and ceiling mounting. Integration into a kiosk is also possible.
The projection support structure can be modified for a range of alternative projection systems and provides for future proofing and projector upgrade.
The integral image warping and geometry correction software allows for the distortion free display of a range of content types including panoramic wide screen movies, wide screen games and real time simulation applications.
The system is easy to set up and ships with all components for immediate use.

The immersaVu™ 200L system includes:

- Panadome screen and hood
- Projector and Immersive Optics
- Warping and geometry correction software
- All signal and power cables
- Setup instructions and tools
- Sample content
- IDUK 1010 series PC

System Features:

- Native 4k resolution Laser Projector
- 5000 Lumens
- 150 degree horizontal field of View
- Screen Dimensions: (w)2000mm, (h)1000mm
- Overall Dimensions: (w)2200mm, (d)1120mm, (h)1450mm

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