Immersive Sim Bowl Assembly

A powerful tool for the simulation and analysis of behavioural patterns in animals.

Immersive Display UK presents a powerful, portable system for the simulation and analysis of behavioural patterns in freely moving animals and other scientific pursuits.
This system features a small footprint and a surrounding darkened enclosure, making it the ideal projection environment for monitoring sensory-motor feedback.
Comprised of a 500mm rear projection acrylic bowl, projected upon a first surface mirror with a 4K projector for high fidelity projected imagery.
Using reflective optics, this fully adjustable system is easily portable and can be used in combination with warping & blending software to produce a geometrically correct image.
The system is compatible with many desktop applications that produce a hemispherical image/footage, and works well when used to simulate virtual environments for scientific analysis of animal behaviour.
Optionally, we can include a Quadro Architecture IDUK PC Suite featuring integral image warping and geometry correction software that allows for perspective-correct, distortion free display.
The system is easy to set up and ships with all components/fittings for immediate use.

The Immersive Sim Bowl Assembly includes:

- Full Aluminium Assembly including Matte-black finish Side and Top Panels
- Mirror & Adjustable Mirror Plate
- 500mm Rear Projection Acrylic Bowl
- 4K Projector & Adjustable Projector Suspension Plate
- All Signal+Power cables & necessary Fittings
- Setup instructions and tools
- Optional IDUK PC Suite with Warping and Geometry Correction Software

System Features:

- Small 1 x 1 x 2m footprint, very portable
- Fully adjustable Projector/Mirror plates for Image Alignment
- 4K Projector with 3600 lumens and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1
Immersive Sim Bowl Assembly
Immersive Sim Bowl Assembly