CLIENT: ImmersaVu 320 - Northrop Grumman - August 2018

INDUSTRY: Aerospace & Defense

The Immersive Display team supplied a complete ImmersaVu 320 system complete with 4K visuals to Northrop Grumman.

CLIENT: ImmersaVu 320 - Visiting Media - USA - April 2018

INDUSTRY: Commercial

The Immersive Display team designed and manufactured a complete ImmersaVu 320 visual display solution for Visiting Media (USA).

CLIENT: 6m Hardshell Dome - Winston Churchill School - UK - February 2018

INDUSTRY: Education

Woking, Surrey (UK) was the Immersive Display team's next destination as they designed and installed a 6m Hardshell dome for the build of an Immersive planetarium at the Winston Churchill School.

CLIENT: 6m Hardshell Dome - Vitensenteret Innlandet Museum - Norway - December 2017

INDUSTRY: Education/Entertainment
The Immersive Display Team had travelled to Norway, ventured through countless inches of snow and had finally arrived at the Vitensenteret Innlandet Museum to install a 6m, backbreakingly large hardshell dome to later be used as a planetarium!

CLIENT: Book Gala - Wanstead Golf Club - November 2017

INDUSTRY: Education/Literature
The Immersive Display Team had set up an ImmersaVu 320 System for Usha Chudasama, the author of Your Happy Child at the Wanstead Golf Club to celebrate her book launch with the accompaniment of an immersive display solution.

CLIENT: ImmersaWorld Inflatable Dome - UCAS - June 2017

INDUSTRY: Education & Training

Immersive Display Group supplied UCAS with a 9m dual pressure/walled inflatable ImmersaWorld dome.