ID in 3 minutes

Get a true sense of what Immersive Display Group is about – our level of creativity, expertise and dedication is evident.

Fortec Driver School - Driver Simulator

Fortec video demonstrating capabilities & technology of newly installed immersive driver sim designed by ID Group.

ImmersaVu 300 JTAC Training Dome

Immersive dome being used for military JTAC training. This dome was part of a joined up training demo at ITEC 2015.

The Future of JTAC Training

Immersive Display provide visual hardware and software to support a collaboration of Omnifinity, MetaVR and NovaTech. Domes, projection and software combine with a unique multi directional treadmill to create a virtual hostile environment for full Joint Fires training exercises. Dome Video Gallery – Clip 2

Flight Simulator Cockpit

This footage pilot Tom,working in collaboration with dismounted infantry, JFO and JTAC in a simulated disputed environment. This was filmed during a demonstration of joined up training at ITEC 2015.

TrueTour on ImmersaVu320

Immersive Display presents the latest product in a range of visual display environments, the ImmersaVu™ 320. Step inside and see the world of visual display.

Cockpit Display

The cockpit is unique in its machined metal construction giving it a solid and robust look and feel and it is impervious to damage.

ImmersaVu 320 Quick setup

Immersive Display presents the latest product in a range of visual display environments, the ImmersaVu™ 320.

ImmersaVu Blending and Warping

Easy set up single projector dome. Fit content perfectly in the dome for desktop, freestanding, suspended fully customisable immersive display. Dome Video Gallery – Clip 3

ITEC 2015 Joined up training

Immersive Display Group provided visual solutions for the joined up training solution showcased by Omnifinity. Immersive Display provided the Forward observer dome (ImmersaVu) the large shrouded JTAC dome (ImmersaVu 300) the flight simulator cockpit and accompanying 240 dome. Dome Video Gallery – Clip 1


Immersive Display Group has integrated dome design expertise with the latest in projection technology, image generation and corrective software..

X plane Flight Sim on ImmersaVu320

A range of visual display options are available from supply of cockpit only up to full 9 meter 300 degree dome systems.

ImmersaVu 300 - Immersive Gaming

FIFA game play in a fully immersive gaming environment. Our player stands inside the 240 degree dome while the game is projected in high definition around him. Dome Video Gallery – Clip 4

ImmersaVu JFO Dome

As part of the joined up training demonstration of Omnifinity, the JFO (Joint Forward Observer) uses the ImmersaVu desktop immersion dome to train in a non permissive environment.
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